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Driven has 3D audio!

Did you know that my album, Driven, has 3D audio? It's called Binaural audio and you record with little microphones that go in your ears. The brain matter in your head make the microphones hear just like your ears do and the result is awesome! When you listen with headphones & close your eyes its like the things are happening 3-dimensionally around you, not just panning from left to right, you hear behind you as well. It's really cool! My son LOVES to hear the thunder in the song "Driven". He asks me to start it again over and over!

The sounds I incorporated were collected from a whirlwind drip I took from Los Angeles–Nashville–New York City–Italy–Germany–Switzerland–France–and back to Nashville. You'll hear a train in Europe going by on "She Can't Sleep", Crows in flight on "Crow Dance", someone running on "The Race That Eats It's Young" and many more.

So get "Driven" and your best headphones and test it out for yourself!!

Click the pic to go to Spotify

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