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I'm so happy you found my secret page just for recipients of my Christmas cards! I've created exclusive content for you to discover! You're among the first to hear a never released version of one of my songs and the first to see some never released photos of my career!

If you have any trouble with the downloads or any questions for me please don't hesitate to reach out to me by clicking here 

Song Downloads 
I want to gift you some of my music.  O Come, O Come Emanuel & Joy To The World are two of my favorite Christmas songs.  I'm also giving you a cover song I did by Duran Duran called Hold Back The Rain. I changed it up a little and gave it a new groove. When you click the links below you will be taken to a page for the download. 
Online Concert Tickets
I would love to put you on a free guest list for one of my upcoming online concerts! If you are interested in attending one please send me an email here and I will let you know when the concert will be. 
This live, acoustic version of 'The City' has never been released before. I'm sharing this song with you because it is the song that started it all. It is about an experience I had when I moved to New York City. I was so excited to be in New York! It was a dream come true to live there. I was going to get an Interior Design job and make the world beautiful! I had an amazing apartment 2 blocks from Times Square and the energy was palpable! My friend, who had come out with me, and I had just spent several days enjoying the city and we were sitting in my apartment just giddy with joy when we realized we could smell pot coming through the walls. We laughed that we were high but in reality we were high on life and probably some pollution!! 
She went back home and things changed for me quickly. Three weeks after moving there I woke up unable to move. I was in excruciating pain from my head to my toes and I was all alone in a really big place. I spent 6 weeks trying to figure out what was wrong with me  until my brother booked me a flight home and said, "You'd better be on that plane." I did NOT want to leave but I surrendered & went home to recuperate with definite plans to go back to New York. When I thought I was ready I booked my flight and was gut-sick! So, I waited a week, then two then three... Every time I booked my flight back I got a horrible pit in my stomach. Five times!! So I took that as a sign that I was not supposed to move back. 
I wrote this song about the whole experience. It catapulted me into a completely different direction, one that was my childhood  dream, one that I never believed I could do until one day I realized, "WHY NOT??" 
I eventually moved to Nashville and started an amazing and fulfilling adventure in the music as an independent artist. I have 3 albums under my belt and more to come.  "The City" is on my first album "You Never Know".  
Take a listen to a raw and acoustic version of  'The City'! 
Never released photos
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